Usually the goal is to get bigger. It provides more leverage. It enables greater output. It helps defend your position.

And most often we work on making ourselves bigger, rather than working to make something bigger than ourselves.

But there are inherent risks with getting big as individuals, such as limited mobility, decreased flexibility, diminished agility and increased vulnerability. And it can complicate things—often turning innocuous situations into serious, crippling, debilitating problems.

So if you want to get bigger without the increased risk, you have to invite others to join you on the scale.

I realized last night I cannot launch 2MinuteGenius by myself.  The time, energy and resources required to launch and support the site are beyond my capacity. And I do not have the financial means to hire or contract the work.  Therefore, I need to recruit volunteers. I need to find others who I can convince 2MinuteGenius is a cause worthy of their donated talent and skill. It’s the only way to achieve significant scale.

Fortunately, I have an idea.