Secured two new domains today… – Future home of my online resume/portfolio/curriculum vitae/etc. I have long intended to create and maintain such a site, but like so many other things have simply relegated it to the proverbial back burner. LinkedIn provided a corporate solution (albeit a stale one) for the last couple of years. But that only presents the M-F/8-5 version of me; the goal with this URL is to highlight all aspects of my life. Construction sign is up for now, with an operational site up by the end of this month (hopefully) and content added as time permits. – Simple blog site (along the lines of Startup Quote) promoting the use of motion graphic artwork to convey insight and intelligence. It will use the common search/collect/filter/present model (much like Andrew Vande Moere‘s Information Aestethics blog), so the core content will not be mine and I will do my best to recognize, credit and acknowledge the work of each artist.

I am excited to develop and launch each of these sites. Now just need to find the time.