It has been more than a month since my last post. Really. Check the dates. 33 days. Gone.

And the lack of blog activity exemplifies my general approach over the last four weeks. Occasional exercise. Lots of bad foods. Sporadic reading. No writing. No progress on 2MG. No weight loss.

In short, the pursuit was far from rigorous for most of June.

However the month away was not a complete loss—far from it. Family, house and day job kept me busy and I am typing this post while sitting in my newly renovated basement office (now with carpet!!). I reached out to a few linchpins, connected with some old friends and made good impressions with several new contacts. Overall it was a nice sabbatical.

But I also missed the benefits of the rigorous pursuit—structure, discipline, creativity, productivity, and above all else, purpose. So now is the time to resume getting smaller and thinking bigger.

More to come.